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     Horse Shoe Equine Rescue is a non profit 501 (c) 3 corporation. We are a equine rescue and we also provide services to special need adults and children.

     Horses come to us from many situations. Some have lost their home, some have been seized by animal control officers and others are beloved pets of victims of the current economic crisis. Some were on the way to a slaughter house.

     We give the horses a chance to recover physically and emotionally to teach them to trust again. Our end goal is to rehabilitate the horses and find them adoptive forever homes so they may have the opportunity to have a permanent home where they may live surrounded by love and companionship, shelter, food, veterinarian care and farrier.

     We have a mini mule, mini donkeys, jennies, mini horses alpacas and goats that live here at the rescue. We take them to day cares, special need centers and nursing homes to teach people about the care animals need also to let people know what we do at the rescue.

     We also have visitors on the weekends during warm weather to let the kids and public visit our rescue and interact with the animals. We have special need adults from C.A.R.S. They come out 3 times weekly to work with the minis, help do clean up, feed and put hay out.

News & Events


Equine Rescue plans additions to new barn!

     The Horse Shoe Equine Rescue plans for new additions barn by the end of summer.  Tammy Barnett, the owner and manager of Horse Shoe Equine Rescue, has decided to add to the Rescue by building additions within the new barn.  “We got the barn,” Barnett said. “With the animals we have coming into the rescue this barn will help so much. Some need 24 hour care and some need to be stalled because they are so emaciated. With being stalled, they can be watched more closely.”


     The plans for the barn will be a few stalls with a tack room and hay area.

Now that the barn has been built, the Rescue plans for a barn raising event to help finish the inside of the barn.

This means people can donate time and labor for a meal for their aid in building the stalls inside the barn. People who are not able to do manual labor can make donations during the event.

     For those who have lumber, nails and other supplies they would like to donate, these items can be dropped off at the Rescue by the day before the event.

     A time and date has not yet been set for the barn raiser. For more information, people can follow the Horse Shoe Equine Rescue on their Facebook or website for updates on this event and any others.


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